Fucked My Stepbrother


Fucked My Stepbrother

Cast: Christen Courtney, Jasmine Lau, Kimmie Foxx, Rebecca Bentley, Miss Trixie, Harvey Bentley

It happens. Marriages come and go and people remarry. And when they do….things can happen. Fucked My Stepbruther features horny sibs that can’t keep their hands off of one another! Having your ‘rents remarry a hottie is a bonus! Nothing like keeping that good good in the famdamily!

Christen is used to her Momz dating and fucking around but when she went ahead and remarried, Christen was shocked! She was also shocked to find out how hot her new stepbro was and even more blown away to discover that his cock was massive! She saw him with partial wood one morning and knew she had to fuck that monster dong for herself!Miss Trixx is the epitome of an independent woman, so she really didn’t give a fuck when her mumzie remarried. And then she met her new stepbro and he goe her pussy wet! He was smart, intelligent and she immediately knew she was going to fuck him and drink his cum!
Jasmine Lau knew this was going to be a big mistake. Her ‘rents called her to wake her new stepbro up so he could get to work on time but it’s not oversleeping that was about to make him late! Jasmine thought he looked so cute laying there that she had to get that dick in her pronto!
Kimmie Foxx couldn’t believe how hot her new stepbro was! He checked all her boxes! Funny, bad ass, tattooed and he was a total flirt! Of course one thing leads to another and soon Kimmie is bouncing her wet and horny pussy up and down his big, hard dick! She can now say she knows what her stepbros cum tastes like!Ruby Temptations proved too tempting for her new stepbro to resist! Just because her mumzie married his popz, she didn’t see the issue with taking his dick out for a test run! It’s not like she wants to date him or anything, but a good, hard fuck here and there was A-OK in her book!

Date: July 14, 2022