Picking The Wrong Fights (2024)


Picking The Wrong Fights (2024)
A glamorous but repressed woman, Anna Claire Clouds, drops off her important boyfriend’s car at a mechanic’s garage. That’s when she meets the mechanic, Seth Gamble, who she instantly dislikes as they have an unpleasant conversation. She’s put off by Seth’s grimy appearance and crude behavior, but she’s conflicted when he ultimately says she deserves better than her self-absorbed boyfriend. … Apollo Banks and Vanessa Vega, a couple, are nervously waiting in an exam room. After a few moments, Arabelle Raphael enters and greets them pleasantly. As they exchange greetings, it’s revealed that Arabelle is a doctor at this walk-in clinic and will be taking care of Vanessa and Apollo today. When she asks what she can do for the couple, the couple explains that when they were getting frisky, Vanessa started ‘leaking’ from her vagina. Worried about her health, they came here. Did they do something wrong? Is Vanessa going to be okay?? Katie Morgan is doing chores when she rounds a corner and bumps into Johnny Goodluck, her teen’s tattooed boyfriend. Katie is taken aback, remarking that she had no idea Johnny was even visiting today. In fact, she never heard the door open or the doorbell ring. Johnny can’t help but look guilty as he explains that he snuck into his girlfriend’s bedroom by climbing a tree. He knows he shouldn’t have done that, but he desperately wanted to see her and…

Category: Affairs, Love Triangles, Feature, Big Dick, Facial,
Starring: Anna Claire Clouds, Katie Morgan, Kylie Rocket, Vanessa Vega, Apollo Banks, Johnny Goodluck, Seth Gamble
Language: English
Size: 3.25 GB

Date: June 30, 2024