That Sitcom Show 5 – Big Bang (2021)


That Sitcom Show 5 – Big Bang (2021)


Country: USA
Genre: Blowjobs, Comedy,
Couples, Parody.
Duration: 01:21:24
Studio: Nubiles
Cast: Haley Reed, Paisley Porter,Jay Taylor.

Penny just dumped her boyfriend for cheating. Leonard sees his chance to make a move and eventually she agrees to give him a shot. She tells him to take her right now, blowing all of his circuits as she pulls her panties aside. Leonard asks Amy to help himm learn Japanese, but Amy cuts through the bullshit and suggests they just get it on as she takes off her shit. Leonard tries to stay loyal to Penny but Amy points out that felatio isn’t the same as fucking.

Date: June 21, 2021